Areas of Expertise

Traffic Acquisition

Does this sound familiar?

Your brand’s e-commerce growth is flatter than Nebraska single-track. You need cost-effective ways to reach new customers while uncovering ways to connect with current ones. Unsure what’s the next step, you ditch out and go for a ride. Maybe the solution will come to you on the uphill. Maybe you won’t get winded this time, either. Right.

Traffic AcquisitionWe’re Google alums. We’re like the dual-suspension carbon-fiber dream bike that is here to replace your 1990s-era Gary Fisher.





Customer Retention

Does this sound familiar?

It feels like your customers have the attention span of a strung-out climber on the 30th pitch. The consensus is your brand needs to find creative ways to deliver relevant, compelling online content on a regular basis.




User Engagement

Does this sound familiar?

No online ad can replace an in-person connection. To maximize the value of your event sponsorships, you need help developing measurable online promotions.


User Engagement



Site Monetization

Does this sound familiar?

Having a direct relationship with your customers serves benefits beyond higher margins. Finding a healthy balance between direct and wholesale is a delicate dance and you need a partner who knows the steps.




Following Our Passion

Google Alumni

We left Google to start Foghorn Labs with the goal of helping the best brands in the outdoor and active-lifestyle industry become even better. We used our expertise to develop, implement and manage integrated marketing campaigns for our clients. We love showing our fellow members of the outdoor tribe how to accelerate e-commerce growth and direct sales.




“…instrumental in helping us strategize, plan, and execute campaigns…”

“Foghorn has a deep understanding of our industry and customers. Their expertise in the ever changing digital media landscape is instrumental in helping us strategize, plan, and execute campaigns across multiple vehicles.”
Jeff Wogoman
D2C Marketing, GU Energy

“…the most profitable component of our online strategy.”

“Foghorn Labs was instrumental in making Mission Workshop’s SEM program the most profitable component of our online strategy.”
Evan Dudley
Former Marketing & Ecommerce Manager, Mission Workshop

“…cornerstone of Rumpl’s online strategy since day 1.”

“Foghorn’s work has been the cornerstone of Rumpl’s online strategy since day 1. They’ve helped grow our direct business from the ground up while being respectful of budget constraints and short timelines. A trusted partner and integral to our success online.”
Wylie Robinson
Founder, Rumpl

“…friendly, professional, responsive, and full of good ideas.”

“Foghorn Labs has been an integral part of our online growth thanks in no small part to their deep knowledge of SEO and SEM tactics. The crew is friendly, professional, responsive, and full of good ideas.”
Tripp Frey
Founder, Trew Gear

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