conner hats logo no border“Responsibly grown, beautifully made” is the core of the Conner Hats ethos. Bill Conner created Australia’s original leather hat with a shapable brim in 1969. His unique construction method and use of light weight leather revolutionized the Australian hat industry. B.C. Hats is still a family owned company dedicated to quality, service, and original Australian hats.    

Our Scope of Work With Conner Hats:

  Online Marketing Strategy Develop a list of target audiences based on past performance, sales goals and market research. Achieve consensus on digital marketing goals and how success will be measured across campaigns. Allocate media spend by month across channels in order to maximize impact and ROAS.   SEM Optimization and Management Create and manage search marketing campaigns to reach target audience segments at the moment they express interest in related products.   Comparison Shopping Engines Optimize product feeds in Google Webmaster Tools and develop corresponding Product Listing Ad campaigns for Google Shopping.   Search Engine Optimization Improve organic search rankings on key terms through tag optimization, error resolution and landing page optimization. In parallel, enhance visitor experience by boosting site speed, improving navigation and streamlining the checkout process.   Display Advertising & Remarketing Manage activity-specific display advertising and remarketing campaigns to coincide with other online as well as offline marketing initiatives.   YouTube Advertising Develop promoted video campaigns to expand the reach of engaging video content and attract new customers.   Site Analytics Customize real-time reporting dashboards that summarize online marketing KPIs over time. Set up goals and advanced segments in Google Analytics to provide insight into user interaction and attribution of online sales.  
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