Give’r promotes a lifestyle fueled by passion, purpose, challenge and adventure. The brand aims to inspire the unrelenting pursuit of dreams, the confidence to take the road less traveled, and the desire to share the wonders of life with others. Give’r represents an inclusive lifestyle embodied by those who frequently ask the question, “Why not?”.

Our Scope of Work With Give’r:

Digital Marketing Strategy
Identify effective, low-cost avenues to build awareness for the Give’r brand among outdoor enthusiasts.

E-Commerce Optimization
Ensure Shopify platform was as search engine friendly as possible at launch, revising the product category structure and sitemap for maximum discoverability.

Site Analytics
Set up goals and advanced segments in Google Analytics in order to provide customized reporting on user interaction and online sales.

Comparison Shopping Engines
Optimize product feeds in Google Webmaster Tools and develop corresponding Product Listing Ad campaigns for Google Shopping.




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