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Outpost Redwood Forum – Starting a Business

From the first hire to funding and beyond; The challenges of starting and scaling a business.     Hosted by Marcus Colombano of Pineapple SF beneath the redwood groves of Camp Navarro, I joined a talented group of founders, including Adam Vollmer of Faraday...

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Outpost Redwood Forum Interview – Adam Lewis

Direct-to-consumer marketing strategies and industry trends.     I had the distinct pleasure to sit down among the Redwood groves of beautiful Camp Navarro during Outpost's most recent flagship event with two charismatic creative directors; Marcus Colombano...

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5 Pitfalls of Remarketing and How to Avoid Them

What if every time you left a store empty-handed, a salesperson followed you to your car and listed off the items you almost bought?  You didn’t leave with nothing because you weren’t interested. You left because you ran out of time, or maybe you wanted to do...

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Allocating Incremental PPC Advertising Dollars

One of the most common questions we get from clients is: "if we can secure additional PPC budget, where should it be allocated?"   Pay per click (PPC) channels capable of generating a low cost per sale have limited traffic. As a result, growing businesses must...

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Six Reasons Why Foghorn Labs Expanded to Portland

“Did you not get enough rain in San Francisco?”   This is how a Bay Area friend reacted when I mentioned we were moving our main office from San Francisco to Portland. The literal answer would be “yes” since most of California has been in and out of drought for...

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