Empowering active lifestyles

Born out of Silicon Valley into the boundless wilds of the Pacific Northwest, tech is second nature, but it’s the outdoors that inspires us. Foghorn Labs works with technology platforms that empower an active, outdoor lifestyle. We have the skill set and experience to move your brand forward and welcome new customers onto the journey.

See our REL Acoustics Case Study

Paid Media Development & Optimization

Our high-performing, platform-specific digital campaigns aim to convert by using first and third-party data to reach your location-based demographic through all phases of the customer journey.  

Organic Traffic Growth

Initial and ongoing SEO audits check that your site is properly optimized and speaking to the right audience. The action plan we develop ensures your brand owns its niche in a highly competitive landscape, appears at the top of key searches, and converts at the highest possible rate. 

Customer Engagement & Retention

Strategic email and SMS marketing guides people to your solution, assisting them on their journey from visitors to customers to lifelong champions of your brand.

Business Intelligence

With your site’s data as our guide, we routinely assess performance and make informed decisions using analytics, tracking, and custom dashboards.

Who We’ve Helped

Send us a message, and let’s empower adventure.

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