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Showers Pass was born from the desire to develop clothing and gear that would get more people out on their bikes, no matter the weather. Inspired by the challenging rides and variable conditions of Northern California and the Pacific Northwest, we have been combining high performance materials with innovative functional design for cyclists since 1997.

Scope of Work with
Showers Pass

Paid Media

Focused on growing brand awareness outside of the Showers Pass core audience using a mix of boosted social media posts, performance video, and PPC campaigns. Helped to product strong ROAS for high intent customers and consistently drove sales during peak seasons.

Search Engine Optimization

Developed a keyword strategy that incorporates brand language and use that to inform recommendations for on-site content, blog posts, press releases, and social posts. Provided assistance through website transitions and updates. Worked to create a consistent flow of collection pages, focusing on priority keywords, designed to drive product consideration.

Business Intelligence

Develop annual eCommerce growth models to inform monthly resource allocation across channels based on topline revenue growth goals. Customize Google Data Studio dashboards that update automatically so that stakeholders at Showers Pass from the CMO to the marketing coordinator can view campaign performance and analyze trends in real-time.across marketing channels.
“The team at Foghorn is simply outstanding, and has become a seamless extension of the Showers Pass eComm team. Three years ago they jump-started our eCommerce growth and continue to provide consistent, double-digit year over year revenue growth with a 4-6x return on paid media for our direct-to-consumer channel…results we would not believe if we hadn’t experienced them.”
Kyle Randon

President, Showers Pass

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