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REL Acoustics began in the 90’s with one goal in mind: to create the perfect sound experience. Since then, they have driven massive advancements for the technology and innovation of subwoofer design. REL continues to search for and refine the ‘perfect’ sound system experience with passion and vigor.

Scope of Work with
REL Acoustics

Paid Media

Identified marketing goals to build full-funnel paid media campaigns across Google Ads, Meta Ads, and Microsoft Ads. Key learnings identified and applied across channels to maximize revenue and ROAS while creating a consistent brand experience. Ongoing management includes developing creative based on approved brand assets, copywriting, promotion strategy, budget optimization, resolving policy violations, and performance analysis.

Search Engine Optimization

Developed a unique strategy that incorporates brand language and education and provide recommendations for on-site content, blog posts, and social posts. Run regular site audits to ensure compliance with best practices and search engine algorithm updates. Share recommendations to improve site content in order to maximize crawlability and indexability for our target keywords.

Business Intelligence

Develop eCommerce growth models to inform monthly resource allocation across channels based on topline revenue growth goals. Review performance to goals progress on monthly basis and adjust ongoing strategy based on progress.

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