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At Foghorn Labs, we don’t guess, we follow the data. Your brand’s measurables are the most important tool for guiding further success, and we leverage them to the fullest extent. Comprehensive reporting, analytics, and tracking give our clients and our team the insights to assess performance across all channels and identify areas for growth. 

" felt more like our internal family team than an agency/client relationship."

“Working with Foghorn has been nothing short of amazing! Your team has felt more like our internal family team than an agency/client relationship. Incredibly talented and always on top of things, this has been such a great experience!”

Kim Marek

Marketing Manager, Burley

"...cornerstone of Rumpl's online strategy since day 1."

“Foghorn’s work has been the cornerstone of Rumpl’s online strategy since day 1. They’ve helped grow our direct business from the ground up while being respectful of budget constraints and short timelines. A trusted partner and integral to our success online.”

Wylie Robinson

Founder, Rumpl

"...instrumental in helping us strategize, plan, and execute campaigns..."

“Foghorn has a deep understanding of our industry and customers. Their expertise in the ever changing digital media landscape is instrumental in helping us strategize, plan, and execute campaigns across multiple vehicles.”

Jeff Wogoman

D2C Marketing, GU Energy

"The trailhead to digital success is Foghorn!"

We’ve seen significant growth in paid performance and Foghorn has provided a clear plan for acquiring new customers through paid social. Without even having to view the dashboard they provide, we see the success in direct orders going out the door, the dashboard of stats is really nice too! The trailhead to digital success is Foghorn”

Christie Dobson

VP of Sales and Marketing


Your brand’s digital presence and the resulting performance should never be a mystery. Creating automated, customized, easily-digestible dashboards for every client ensures the whole team is on the same page when evaluating performance and charting a path forward. 


Analytics data generates insights about customers, the customer journey, audiences, ads, checkouts, conversions, and countless other variables. How they interact can determine the success of your brand’s campaigns. Foghorn Labs uses analytics to connect your brand’s tracking to your reporting, so we can account for all data and translate it into a usable format. 


Accurate tracking is the foundation for the analytics and reporting that follows. Our team ensures conversion tracking pixels attribute all web transactions to your online marketing activities. 

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