Our Approach To Integrated Marketing

Our marketing analytics team simultaneously engages multiple online platforms to maximize your results.

Developing a new product launch strategy feels a lot like cooking; You need to determine the ideal combination of SEM, SEO, Social Media and Display Advertising, plus Web Analytics for a successful outcome. Fortunately, we are the Thomas Keller of digital marketing agencies! Let us take the mixing bowl and seamlessly blend these vital ingredients together, so that your customers can savor each interaction across multiple marketing channels.

Integrated Marketing at Work:

  • Collaborating with your PR team to incorporate SEO into their outreach strategy
  • Mining SEM data to uncover opportunities in SEO and vice versa
  • Increasing search volume through paid social ad campaigns
  • Converting site visitors into repeat customers through relevant remarketing
  • Analyzing traffic quality indicators to inform marketing budget allocation
  • Tracking search trends to inform content development and site language

The Individual Parts:

Explained. These services are also offered individually.


Reach search engine users at the moment they express interest in your product or service with relevant, compelling ads. With 17 years of experience designing, implementing, and managing paid search marketing campaigns at Google, we know what works – and what gives your business an advantage in the auction.


Utilize the most advanced audience targeting methods available to generate awareness for products and promotions on social media while fostering engagement with your brand. In addition to Facebook, we also design and implement both paid and unpaid social media campaigns on LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest for you.


Also known as “Retargeting”, this ad targeting technology gives website owners the opportunity to serve both search (text) and display (banner) ads to previous site visitors. Like targeted email, remarketing is a cost-effective way to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase awareness around product launches or promotions.


Connect with your target audience by placing ads on the web sites, blogs and forums they are most likely to visit. Whether you are looking to make a mark with text, image, rich media or video, we can pinpoint the ad formats and placements most likely to engage your target audience.


Maximize traffic from search engines with the right keywords and structure on your web site. We combine rigorous keyword research and analysis, content optimization and technical audits to avoid the pitfalls of black hat SEO tactics for lasting results.


Email can be one of the most cost-effective, timely and profitable online marketing channels. We develop automated email flows based on specific visitor actions to increase customer retention and brand visibility. Examples include welcome series, brand story, abandoned cart, post-purchase follow-up, and win back.


Cut through the clutter and get reports that clearly communicate the metrics that truly matter to your business. We put relevant data at your fingertips so you can make informed, data-driven decisions. We also help set up goals and attribution models that help measure the impact of specific online marketing efforts.


Explore your data to discover new insights and answer pressing questions about your customers, industry, and ad campaigns. We can develop within your current platform or recommend one for that best meets your needs. This is the most effective way to merge multiple data sources and see the big picture.

"Foghorn is our secret weapon!"

“Foghorn is our secret weapon! Thanks to their SEO knowledge, our start-up brand out ranks major competitors on important key word searches. I have complete trust in the Foghorn team. They don’t inflate metrics, which means our marketing team can accurately gauge which campaigns resonate with our community.”

Jenn Kriske

Founder, Machines For Freedom

"...consistent, double-digit year over year revenue growth with a 4-6x return on paid media..."

“The team at Foghorn is simply outstanding, and has become a seamless extension of the Showers Pass eComm team. Three years ago they jump-started our eCommerce growth and continue to provide consistent, double-digit year over year revenue growth with a 4-6x return on paid media for our direct-to-consumer channel…results we would not believe if we hadn’t experienced them.”

Kyle Ranson

President, Showers Pass

"...the most profitable component of our online strategy."
“Foghorn Labs was instrumental in making Mission Workshop’s SEM program the most profitable component of our online strategy.”

Evan Dudley

Former Marketing & Ecommerce Manager, Mission Workshop

"...cornerstone of Rumpl's online strategy since day 1."

“Foghorn’s work has been the cornerstone of Rumpl’s online strategy since day 1. They’ve helped grow our direct business from the ground up while being respectful of budget constraints and short timelines. A trusted partner and integral to our success online.”

Wylie Robinson

Founder, Rumpl

"...instrumental in helping us strategize, plan, and execute campaigns..."

“Foghorn has a deep understanding of our industry and customers. Their expertise in the ever changing digital media landscape is instrumental in helping us strategize, plan, and execute campaigns across multiple vehicles.”

Jeff Wogoman

D2C Marketing, GU Energy

"...friendly, professional, responsive, and full of good ideas."

“Foghorn Labs has been an integral part of our online growth thanks in no small part to their deep knowledge of SEO and SEM tactics. The crew is friendly, professional, responsive, and full of good ideas.”

Tripp Frey

Founder, Trew Gear

INTEGRATED marketing case studies

A Few Of Our Best Client Results

Topping Organic Search Results with White Hat SEO Landing Pages

Well known for their Australian Outback style, Conner Hats needed help creating awareness and driving traffic to the other hat categories sold on their website. Foghorn Labs developed a strategy to increase organic traffic from relevant non-brand searches by enriching existing collections pages with long-form, keyword-rich content. Starting in January 2018, we optimized 3 category pages per month, reaching a total of 50 by June 2019. The results were outstanding across the board. From January 2018 to December 2019, the number of keywords ranking in the top three positions increased by 910%, new users increased by 98%, transactions increased by 118%, and revenue increased by 113%.

Want to see the full case study? Let us know.

Rebranding, Not Resetting

Toad&Co hired Foghorn Labs to develop SEO and PPC strategies to support their rebranding from hornytoad.com to toadandco.com, then manage both strategies to fruition. For most domain transitions, it’s not a matter of whether or not traffic will decrease, but rather by how much it will go down. Our goal was to achieve traffic parity between the months before and after the domain transition. When comparing web traffic 4 months before the transition to 4 months after, organic traffic levels not only recovered, they increased by 10%.

Want to see the full case study? Let us know.

Getting Discovered As A Direct-Only Brand

Despite having an industry-leading product line, loads of compelling content, and the support of a highly involved rider community, Mosko was struggling to gain traction outside of their core customer base. Their major competitors had the exposure as well as the financial stability that can come with large, established dealer relationships. Through a combination of content marketing optimization, SEO and targeted online ad campaigns, Foghorn Labs helped Mokso Moto increase overall transactions by 754%, eComm conversion rate by 493%, and revenue by 623%.

Want to see the full case study? Let us know.

Stomping the Landing in Peak Season

No matter how successful the brand, or how innovative the product line, the seasonal nature of the snowsports industry is unavoidable. Mother nature is a fickle business partner who requires brands like TREW to maximize every opportunity during peak season to cushion slower sales during the warmer months. In Q3 2018, TREW enlisted the support of Foghorn Labs to amplify the brand message throughout Q4 and drive online sales with cross channel advertising. Through a combination of landing page optimization and the utilization of Facebook’s latest tools to create a full-funnel customer journey, our team was able to scale media spend significantly and go beyond the most optimistic stretch goals. 

Want to see the full case study? Let us know.

Climbing the Ladder in Q4

The stakes are high for online retailers in the months leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Sales goals tend to be ambitious while increased competition makes it challenging to win the attention of potential and loyal customers alike. Q4 brings with it increased traffic and sales, while the additional competition results in higher CPCs, volatile conversion rates and increased price sensitivity. Simms was no exception to these trends. Add new competitors, new products and a reduction in online marketing budgets to seasonal volatility and you’ve got a tough catch to reel in.

Want to see the full case study? Let us know.

Harvesting Demand from the Hype Machine

In order to increase awareness for its high-end products and stand apart from commoditized competitors, Element Case had to connect with new iPhone owners and Apple enthusiasts early in the buying cycle. To convert these new eyeballs into customers, Foghorn developed a strategy that incorporated comparison shopping platforms with branded and long-tail search marketing campaigns that would be standing by to maximize the value of traffic from media coverage and product announcements. After implementing this strategy, year over year PPC revenue grew by 84% while staying below the cost per sale goal.

Want to see the full case study? Let us know.

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