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Founded in 2002, Astral Designs is deeply committed to building the best performing products for wilderness athletes in the least toxic, lowest impact way possible. Astral has essentially eliminated toxic PVC foam from the PFD industry, invented breathable lifejackets, won awards for paradigm changing footwear designs, and developed the stickiest rubber ever worn on wet rock. As a company, Astral is committed to sustainable business and building products that last by putting nature first.

Our Scope of Work With Astral:

PPC Campaign Optimization and Management
Increase direct sales through as well as key retailers through PPC campaigns, monitored through custom dashboards that track and measure KPIs.

Facebook Advertising
Develop ad campaigns designed to attract new customers to Astral’s website as well as drive in-store sales for key retailers.

Search Engine Optimization
Increase search engine traffic to for relevant, high-volume search queries. Identify and resolve website issues to maximize eCommerce conversion rate, search-friendliness and crawlability of site content, PR and social media.

Comparison Shopping Engines
Develop product feeds and corresponding campaigns for Google Shopping.

Astral Founder Philip Curry

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