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Paid Media, Automated Email, Business Intelligence


Mosko Moto was founded in 2013 when Pete & Andrew left their corporate jobs to make moto gear. Their partnership combines decades of design and manufacturing experience for some of the world’s leading outdoor brands, with first-hand experience riding dualsport bikes through some of the most remote corners of the globe. Mosko only sells direct to rider – no dealers, no distributors – which eliminates a costly distribution step and enables them to use premium materials without making the product too expensive.

Scope of Work with
Mosko Moto

Paid Media

Supported new product launches, generated international brand awareness, and focused on low funnel ROAS targets using a mix of paid social, performance video, and PPC ads.

Automated Email

Check existing email flows, establishing gaps and opportunities. Segment email lists based on customer personality, product categories, and audience growth goals. Design new automated flows that not only increase email revenue by improving conversion rate, but reengage with past customers with the goal of expanding customer lifetime value and converting purchasers into brand loyalists.

Business Intelligence

Develop eCommerce growth models to inform monthly resource allocation across channels based on topline revenue growth goals. Review performance to goals progress on monthly basis and adjust ongoing strategy based on progress.

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