mosko moto logo small padding png Mosko Moto was founded in 2013 when Pete & Andrew left their corporate jobs to make moto gear. Their partnership combines decades of design and manufacturing experience for some of the world’s leading outdoor brands, with first-hand experience riding dualsport bikes through some of the most remote corners of the globe. Mosko only sells direct to rider – no dealers, no distributors – which eliminates a costly distribution step and enables them to use premium materials without making the product too expensive.

Our Scope of Work With Mosko Moto:

PPC Campaign Optimization and Management Increase direct sales through through PPC campaigns, monitored through custom dashboards that track and measure KPIs.

Facebook Advertising Develop ad campaigns designed to attract new customers to

Search Engine Optimization Increase search engine traffic to for relevant, high-volume search queries. Identify and resolve website issues to maximize eCommerce conversion rate, search-friendliness and crawlability of site content, PR and social media.

Comparison Shopping Engines Develop product feeds and corresponding campaigns for Google Shopping.

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