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OTIS has been creating eyewear for the past 20 years that transcends the boundaries between style, durability, sustainability & technical excellence. What they create is high quality that is both functional and stylish whilst implementing solutions and materials that reduce our impact on the planet. OTIS prides themselves in their mineral glass lenses, which are sourced from non-toxic elements like sand and soda ash.

Scope of Work with

Paid Media

Supported new product launches, generated brand awareness, and focused on low funnel ROAS targets using a mix of paid social, performance video, and PPC ads.

Search Engine Optimization

Identify a unique keyword strategy that incorporates brand language and use that to inform recommendations for on-site content, blog posts, and social posts. Run frequent site audits to ensure site health and compliance with best practices and search engine algorithm updates. Recommend seasonal topics for blog posts to help engage and inform customers through information seeking search queries.

Automated Email

Survey existing email flows, noting gaps and opportunities. Segment user lists based on customer archetypes, product categories, and audience growth goals. Create new automated flows that not only increase email revenue by improving conversion rate, but reengage with past customers with the goal of expanding customer lifetime value and converting purchasers into brand loyalists.

Business Intelligence

Develop eCommerce growth models to inform monthly resource allocation across channels based on topline revenue growth goals. Review performance to goals progress on monthly basis and adjust ongoing strategy based on progress.

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