ornot cycling logo small pngOrnot is a cycling apparel company devoted to minimal design, domestic manufacturing, and having a good time on the bike. When Ornot started in 2013, massive logos and team kits were the norm. Their goal is to change the landscape by offering well designed cycling clothing while omitting excessive branding.

Our Scope of Work With Ornot:

PPC Campaign Optimization and Management Increase direct sales through ornotbike.com as well as key retailers through PPC campaigns, monitored through custom dashboards that track and measure KPIs.

Facebook Advertising Develop ad campaigns designed to attract new customers to Ornot’s website as well as drive in-store sales for key retailers.

Search Engine Optimization Increase search engine traffic to ornotbike.com for relevant, high-volume search queries. Identify and resolve website issues to maximize eCommerce conversion rate, search-friendliness and crawlability of site content, PR and social media.

Comparison Shopping Engines Develop product feeds and corresponding campaigns for Google Shopping.

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