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What is online lead generation?

In its most basic form, lead generation is the process of locating and nurturing potential customers into a brand’s environment. The end goal of this process is a purchase or subscription. Primarily, lead generation is centered around social media, advertising, giveaways, partnerships, and events. Below are some examples of strategies your brand can employ. 

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs, in the sense of marketing, are images or messages hidden by designers or developers on websites, in emails, and across social media. These are virtual scavenger hunts of varying size and complexity. Through this tactic, customers are far more likely to spend time interacting with your brand. These offer a more enjoyable experience that feels less like work and more akin to having fun, especially when there is a reward. Below is an example of Coca-Cola deploying an easter egg on their site within their code. Asking customers to find where the egg is, what the egg is (perhaps it is a riddle to solve or a code) or to count how many eggs there are become great ways to execute this strategy.

easter egg html coca-cola

Parceled Promos

Parceled promo codes are snippets of a full code divided into pieces across multiple messages and/or platforms, such as a website and/or social media. When the pieces have been collected they are combined into workable promo codes. By parceling out a promo code into pieces, you keep customers engaged for a longer period of time. This exposes them to the brand in a manner that feels like solving a puzzle.

parcelled promos bokus

Code Randomization

Random codes are usually dynamic in nature and created through customer interaction. These codes can be delivered through digital methods, such as spin-to-win wheels, scratch-off codes and slot machines. This promotion provides customers with a feeling of power to influence the prize they will receive.

spin to win justuno

Site Quizzes

Site quizzes, or surveys, are forms placed on a webpage to increase lead generation and customer data points. Customers can easily breeze through your website without investing time in your content. A quiz or survey slows down their browsing, shows your interest in their opinions and improves their experience through the collection of their preferences.

site quiz typeform

Spotify Playlists

Spotify playlists can be created for product categories, seasons, activities and events, each of which should link to your website and social media platforms. Going one step further, a brand could curate featured playlists from their own users or through brand promoters, celebrities or athletes. There is also the potential to create branded playlists and advertise them on Spotify.

alix spotify playlist

Stock Media Sites and Multimedia Repositories

Subtly provide branded images (images with your products in them or a logo) on stock image or video sites such as,, and This offers a subtle way to increase your brand’s exposure to potential customers in a passive but evergreen manner. Additionally, sites such as can be surprisingly profitable if the creative is good enough, placed at the right time, and shared with the right people.

stocksnap branded images

Referral Programs

Referral programs, where users can gain discounts on future purchases, are a great way to provide benefits to current customers. The main goal is to bring in new customers, but rewarding your current base is always a good thing. Those potential customers referred by current customers are likely solid leads in that they share the same lifestyle and purchase behaviors. Brands can also make the referral process tiered or stackable. For example, the more friends referred to your brand, the greater the discounts. referral program


Lead generation is a low-hanging fruit, yet often overlooked at its full capacity. Online forms are the easiest win, but there is so much more that can be done to maximize your ROI. These strategies provide creative methods to boost interactivity with prospective customers, as well as existing customers. We encourage our brands to explore these programs and develop strategies that will provide a return on investment for years to come.


Foghorn Labs is here to help you along the way. Reach out to us if you are interested in having us become a part of your email and SMS marketing strategy.

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