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Should You Advertise On Amazon?

Selling on Amazon can help your business expand its reach and capture high-intent shoppers in today’s competitive market. The platform thrives on discovery, attracting millions of people actively seeking new products and brands that fit their needs. Beyond its vast selection, Amazon offers additional incentives like payment plans, subscriptions, and even “try before you buy” options.  This convenience is a major selling point – resulting in an estimated 53% of U.S. households that hold Prime memberships to unlock the perks of fast, free shipping and other benefits. Popular reports show why people shop on Amazon, whether they are a Prime member or not:

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The Prime Time For Ads

Advertising your products with Amazon Ads makes strategic sense if you’re already selling products that uphold a strong organic ranking. Putting ad dollars behind your product line allows your business to tap into a goldmine of potential customers (estimated at over 200 million in the US alone). If your business is looking to expand into selling on Amazon but isn’t quite there yet, it’s recommended that you gain traction with organic listings before putting paid dollars toward ad campaigns.


If your business is ready to grow, a few key things need to be optimized within your Amazon account before you launch paid ads. One key driver of success is ensuring your product images, titles, and descriptions are strong and easy to decipher. Here is a list of common best practices to improve your product pages and boost customer engagement:


  • Product Images: Include at least 4 high-quality images, with a few shots zooming in on essential features that set you apart from competitor products. It can also be beneficial to include a video in your listing to show examples of the product in use.
  • Product Titles: Include your brand name, product name or model, type of product category you’re selling in, main feature callouts, size, color, and quantity. In some cases, it can be useful to integrate key search terms into your title as well.
  • Product Descriptions: Use complete sentences instead of bullet points and your brand voice to describe a broad overview of your product and its use cases. Describe the main features and how these will make the consumer’s life easier or meet their needs.

Taking a look at your product page strength should be step number one when contemplating setting up Amazon Ads. This will ensure that your customers have a positive experience with your brand so you stand out against the competition and get the most out of your ad spend. 

Campaign Breakdown: A Targeted Approach

When brainstorming your Amazon Ads account setup, having clear goals will guide your campaign strategy and help you measure your brand’s success. Do you want to see a boost in sales, overall brand awareness, or customer acquisition and retention? Amazon Ads offers three main campaign types, each designed to achieve specific goals:


  • Sponsored Products: Think conversion volume – This campaign type is specifically meant to drive conversions of your top-performing products. Promote products using broad automatic targeting, specific manual keyword targeting, target Amazon product categories, conquesting campaigns, and more.
  • Sponsored Brands: Think brand awareness – Build your loyal customer base and feature your products alongside a captivating message, logo, and image or video. This is a great option for building brand recognition or promoting new product collections available on your Amazon Store.
  • Sponsored Display: Think retargeting – Reach customers who have previously interacted with your products. Use this to remind customers about abandoned carts, product pages they have viewed, and promote other accessories to complement a past purchase. These display ads serve for placements both on and off the Amazon platform to expand your reach.

Setting Expectations

While Amazon Ads can be a powerful tool to accelerate your brand’s growth, it’s important to set realistic expectations. Building overall brand awareness and a loyal customer base takes time, especially for businesses new to the marketplace. By setting clear goals and expectations, you can navigate the world of Amazon Ads and turn Prime members into loyal consumers of your brand.

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