Hiring a Portland Digital Marketing Agency vs Offshoring

Offshore digital marketing agencies and consultants will never understand your brand the way we do. Collaborating locally allows us to sit alongside your team face-to-face. We’ll whiteboard ideas, review historical performance, discuss industry trends, and collectively arrive at the most on-brand, effective strategy for authentically engaging your target market. Our Portland digital marketing experts can help boost your brand’s performance, so drop us a line (no long-distance calls or time zone calculations required.)

Your Outdoor Brand Needs an Outdoor Digital Marketing Agency

There are lots of digital marketing agencies out there, but most of them lack Foghorn Labs’ true passion for the outdoor industry. As customers for most of the outdoor brands we work with, our outdoor industry marketing agency understands your audience, what they want, and how they engage better than anyone. If you’re looking for a Portland digital marketing agency that embodies the work hard/play hard mentality, give us a call. We look forward to helping grow your business. 

Our Paid Social & Paid Search Marketing Agency and Your In-House Team

To be effective, social media and paid search campaigns require seamless collaboration between brand, creative, and digital teams. Whether your brand is looking to grow your Facebook advertising, Google ads campaigns, or reach into new social outlets, our experts will work alongside your in-house marketing team to amplify your brand’s message across all relevant social platforms.

Portland Brands Who Have Enlisted Our Digital Marketing Services:

Below are some of the top active and outdoor brands based in Portland, Oregon that we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with over the years. The success of these and other partnerships have contributed to Foghorn being recognized as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Portland

"...consistent, double-digit year over year revenue growth with a 4-6x return on paid media..."

“The team at Foghorn is simply outstanding, and has become a seamless extension of the Showers Pass eComm team. Three years ago they jump-started our eCommerce growth and continue to provide consistent, double-digit year over year revenue growth with a 4-6x return on paid media for our direct-to-consumer channel…results we would not believe if we hadn’t experienced them.”

Kyle Ranson

President, Showers Pass

"...cornerstone of Rumpl's online strategy since day 1."

“Foghorn’s work has been the cornerstone of Rumpl’s online strategy since day 1. They’ve helped grow our direct business from the ground up while being respectful of budget constraints and short timelines. A trusted partner and integral to our success online.”

Wylie Robinson

Founder, Rumpl

"...friendly, professional, responsive, and full of good ideas."

“Foghorn Labs has been an integral part of our online growth thanks in no small part to their deep knowledge of SEO and SEM tactics. The crew is friendly, professional, responsive, and full of good ideas.”

Tripp Frey

Founder, Trew Gear

INTEGRATED marketing case studies

A Few Of Our Best Local Client Results

Stomping the Landing in Peak Season

No matter how successful the brand, or how innovative the product line, the seasonal nature of the snowsports industry is unavoidable. Mother nature is a fickle business partner who requires brands like TREW to maximize every opportunity during peak season to cushion slower sales during the warmer months. In Q3 2018, TREW enlisted the support of Foghorn Labs to amplify the brand message throughout Q4 and drive online sales with cross channel advertising. Through a combination of landing page optimization and the utilization of Facebook’s latest tools to create a full-funnel customer journey, our team was able to scale media spend significantly and go beyond the most optimistic stretch goals. 

Want to see the full case study? Let us know.

Getting Discovered As A Direct-Only Brand

Despite having an industry-leading product line, loads of compelling content, and the support of a highly involved rider community, Mosko was struggling to gain traction outside of their core customer base. Their major competitors had the exposure as well as the financial stability that can come with large, established dealer relationships. Through a combination of content marketing optimization, SEO and targeted online ad campaigns, Foghorn Labs helped Mokso Moto increase overall transactions by 754%, eComm conversion rate by 493%, and revenue by 623%.

Want to see the full case study? Let us know.

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