An unofficial look at Google Ads, Product Listing Ads and Google+ Local


This material was presented at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2013. A video of the session is available here.

Session Summary from the Outdoor Industry Association:
Led by former Google employees, the presentation will provide insights (albeit not authorized by Google) on three Google marketing platforms that outdoor retailers (ORs) can use to drive online and offline sales:

  1. Google Ads – We leverage 11 years of experience at Google to impart high impact strategies that maximize the ROI of an OR’s paid search advertising program. Topics include improving Quality Score (to lower costs-per-click), targeting users more accurately and avoiding common, costly pitfalls.
  2. Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads (PLAs) – Google recently changed product search from a free to a paid model. This part of the session will arm ORs with tactics to ensure their products are featured in PLAs and Google Shopping.
  3. Google+ Local (formerly Google Places) – Now part of Google+, Google’s business listing pages have changed. ORs with brick and mortars will learn how to maximize the value of these free listings and link them to Google Ads for more precise geographic targeting.

Presenters: Adam Lewis & Alex Sepulveda

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