Direct-to-consumer marketing strategies and industry trends.



I had the distinct pleasure to sit down among the Redwood groves of beautiful Camp Navarro during Outpost’s most recent flagship event with two charismatic creative directors; Marcus Colombano of Pineapple SF, and Red Rainey of SHACK 15. Apart from having one of the most silky-smooth radio voice/British accent combos you’ll ever hear, Red has an uncanny ability to synthesize a concept into terms that people resonate with, in a way that makes everyone pay attention. Marcus brings an in-depth understanding of what it takes for brands to stand out and succeed, along with a savvy approach that blends traditional with transcendent.


When asked what aspect of our work at Foghorn Labs that I’m most excited about, my answer was helping brands establish a more direct relationship with their customers. This speaks to the core of the work we’re doing at Foghorn. Developing programs, best practices, reporting, and industry expertise that helps our clients own their destiny by selling direct to consumer online.


“It’s hard for brands to grow, scale, learn, and iterate when they only have a limited amount of information about who is buying their products and how those products are being used.”


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