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In 1985, a spark of innovative thinking simultaneously ignited in the minds of Southern California native Tony Finn and Texas native Jimmy Redmon. Independently, they began working on a concept that would lay the groundwork for a globally recognized sport, setting the stage for their brainchild, Liquid Force. With an unwavering passion driving them, Tony and Jimmy have spent over 25 years nurturing Liquid Force from a fledgling idea into a thriving brand that has left an indelible mark on the world of water sports. Their trailblazing innovation has not only fueled the success of their brand but has also given birth to an entire sport, evidencing their profound impact. Even today, Jimmy remains a vital force in propelling both the brand and the sport forward, continuously driving product innovation that keeps Liquid Force at the forefront of the industry. Their shared journey and its ensuing success embody the transformative power of innovative thinking, passion, and dedication in the realm of sport and product design.

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Liquid Force

Paid Media

Foster recognition for Liquid Force's comprehensive product range through paid media by formulating a paid media plan that mirrors the interests of each target audience segment. Experiment with diverse copy and content versions to optimize engagement and relevance.

Business Intelligence

Tailor Google Data Studio dashboards to auto-refresh, enabling stakeholders at Element Case to monitor real-time campaign performances, impression shares, website traffic, and on-site activities. This will also facilitate the real-time analysis of trends across various marketing channels.

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