Integrated Online Marketing from 10,000ft


SEO and SEM as Public Relations Tools

Ask most marketing execs what they consider online public relations and you'll probably hear activities that include "PR Newswire submissions" and "sending Bloggers free stuff."   While this view may have been the reality five years ago, online PR today is far...

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The Risks and Rewards of Remarketing

Remarketing has been a buzz word in the industry since Google introduced it as a new targeting feature in March of 2010, but it has had a steep rise in interest over the last year as indicated by Google Insights for Search:       What is remarketing?...

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Online Media Planning with Doubleclick Ad Planner

Doubleclick Ad Planner is a free media planning tool that identifies websites your target audience is likely to visit so you can make better-informed advertising decisions. So why is Google giving this information away to anyone with a Google account? It's in Google's...

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